27 June 2017
New to parish?
Are you new to Maria Assumpta, or simply visiting the parish?

In either case, we want you to feel welcome at Mass and among members of our parish family.

At the beginning of each Sunday Mass we like to invite visitors to raise a hand and tell us where they come from, so we can offer them a warm welcome.

After each Sunday Mass we invite visitors to join parishioners for a cup of tea or coffee in the parish centre behind the church.

If you are a new parishioner, we would like you to write down your name, address and telephone number, and put this in a box at the back of the church so we can welcome you. Or else talk to the parish priest.

Planned giving

Maria Assumpta parish operates a planned giving programme as the most effective way to meet its financial needs.

This is a programme in which parishioners make a confidential pledge to give a certain amount each week. Regular giving makes it easier for the parish to budget and plan for the future.

Contributions may be made through an envelope system or by automatic payments from a bank account.

We encourage parishioners to make automatic payments since this is the most convenient way for all concerned. Bank forms to set up automatic payments are available from the parish office.

The generosity of parishioners in past years established Maria Assumpta parish and sustained it. Now it is our turn.

For every dollar you give, you can claim back 33 cents as a tax rebate. So a planned giving pledge of $20 a week ($1040 a year) can obtain a rebate of $346.67.

If you would like to join the programme, see any member of the parish council or the parish priest.
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